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Water Tips:

We have decided to put on a water tip each week to help you to work better with your water, and for you to know more about water , how to use and how to save water.

Week 1:
Water bill to high?
Check for water leaks on internal water system, toilets, hot water system, taps and pipelines. If not visible , listen for sound on the pipes, toilet and geyser. Turn off all taps and see if water meter  is running to confirm leak.

Week 2:
Rain Water!

Make sure not to allow rain water into the sewerage system as it will cause an overload to the sewer system and increase pump running times.

Week 3:
When water supply is shut off:
When water supply is shut off due to municipal worker working on the supply pipelines, make sure not to leave any taps open as the supply may be reinstated at any time. When the supply is open, let an outside tap run to allow for grid and air release.

Week 4:
Fellow water savers!
There are various ways to save water at home, at you business or at work. Take water reading daily / monthly and compare  usage with similar businesses. Water gardens early in the morning or at night to reduce  consumption, life giving water is a scares and expensive commodity and all of us play an important part in the conversation of water.

Week 5:
Running taps!

Running taps causes the clean treated water to run into the sewerage system and ends up at the sewerage treatment plant mixing with the undrinkable water. It can also cause overflow of the sewerage system causing contamination of the environment, rivers and dams. This is harmful to people, animals and corps.

Week 6:
To measure is to know:
- measure water consumption by taking correct meter readings to calculate consumption and managing it.
- just about anything can and should be measured such as chemical closing water consumption , water loss, unaccounted for water, performance, etc.

Week 7:
To avoid contamination or chemical overdose in water
when you get water from your tap, and its white and it clears from the bottom to the tap, then it is just air that is in the pipes, if the water clears from the bottom it is chemicals in the water, but it is not harmful , when the water clears you can still drink the water.

Week 8:
Sink a plastic bottle into your toilet tank(s). Every flush uses between 5 - 7 gallons of water. But if you fill an empty plastic soda of dish detergent bottle water, remove lable and sink it into the reservoir of of your toilet, you can reduce that to 2 - 4 gallons of water for each flush. That's an easy fix with a major impact.
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